Kalufi in Krekovi, Nevesinje, RS

About The Kalufi necropolis is the largest necropolis with tombstones in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are usually oriented in the west-east direction or with a northwest-southeast deflection following the natural terrain. 7 tombstones are oriented north-south, i.e. northwest-southeast. According to the data available to the Commission to Preserve National [...]

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Kučarin in Hrančići, Goražde, FBiH

About The necropolis is located in Donje polje near the village of Žilići, about 15 km west of Goražde at altitude of 730 meters. There are 325 visible tombstones, mostly in the form of slabs and chests, and a smaller number of gabled roof tombstones. Forms of recumbent monoliths  [...]

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Luburića Polje, Sokolac, RS

About The two necropolises with tombstones are located 280 meters beeline apart, in the village of Košutica, about 6 km north-east of Sokolac, in the open spaces of the Luburića polje. The necropolis at the locality of  Ploče is on a prehistoric tumulus of a 40 meters radius. In [...]

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Maculje, Novi Travnik, FBiH

About The Maculje necropolis is located 21 kilometres from Novi Travnik on the road to Gornji Vakuf, at an altitude of 998 meters. The tombstones are oriented in the west - east and north - south directions with only a small number deviating from these orientations. They are made [...]

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Mramor in Musići, Olovo, FBiH

About The necropolis is situated in the village of Musići, about 4 km to the south-west of Olovo. The monuments lie west-east and north-south. It has 80 tombstones: 25 slabs, 8 chests and 47 gabled roof monuments. Twelve are decorated: 2 slabs, 2 chests and 8 gable-roofed monuments. The [...]

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Mramor in Vrbica, Foča, RS

About The necropolis is located in the hamlet of Vrbica near the village of Čelebići, about 20 km to the south-east of Foča at an altitude of 948 meters. According to the data available to the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, 211 monuments were found at the locality: 3 [...]

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Potkuk in Bitunja, Berkovići, RS

About  The Potkuk necropolis is located on relatively flat terrain at the southern side of Kuk, i.e. at the foot of a limestone hill that was used as a quarry. It covers an area of 70 x 40 meters lying east-west. The burial places are arranged in rows running [...]

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Radimlja, Stolac, FBiH

About The Radimlja necropolis is located in Vidovo polje, three kilometres west of Stolac, on the Čapljina – Stolac road. It is an area characterized by Mediterranean (maritime) climate. It is located in the area where the Radimlja River, a right tributary of the Bregava River, meanders. The monuments [...]

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Ravanjska vrata, Kupres, FBiH

About At the site of Ravanjska vrata, there is the Upper and the Lower necropolis (Gornja and Donja nekropola). The necropolises are located in the vicinity of the village of Mušići, about 15 km south of Kupres. The monuments at the Lower necropolis are finely carved and laid mostly [...]

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