Bečani, Šekovići, RS

About The necropolises named Ispod stijene (Under a rock) and Pola stijene (Half a rock) are located in the village of Bečani, in the Brajinci area, which is about three kilometres to the north-west of the centre of the Municipality of Šekovići. According to the data available to the [...]

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Bijača, Ljubuški, FBiH

About A necropolis with tombstones is situated near the village Donja Bijača, by the Ljubuški-Vid road. In 1931, part of the necropolis was covered by a road or structure alongside, and one decorated tombstone was transported to the Museum of the Franciscan Monastery in Humac in 2003. There are [...]

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Borak in the village of Burati, Rogatica, RS

About The necropolis is located in the north-western part of the Municipality of Rogatica, above the village of Burati, near the mediaeval Dubrovnik - Srebrenica road. A larger number of tombstones are oriented  east-west, and a smaller number north-south. According to the data available to the Commission to Preserve [...]

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Čengića Bara, Kalinovik, RS

About The necropolis Čengića Bara is located on a gentle hill in the middle of the karst valley at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level. It is situated about 11 km to the south-west of Kalinovik. The tombstones are west-east oriented and laid in rows. Monuments are [...]

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Dolovi in the village of Umoljani, Trnovo, FBiH

About The necropolis is located 1.5 km from the entrance to the village of Umoljani, at Dolovi, to the right of the road. There are 53 tombstones: 6 slabs, 37 chests, 5 tall chests, 5 gabled roof tombstones, 11 old nišani and the remains of the foundations of an [...]

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Dugo polje at Blidinje, Jablanica, FBiH

About Blidinje is a karst plateau extending north-east/south-west between the mountains of Čvrsnica, Muharica and Vran. Dugo polje, where the necropolis with tombstones is located, lies at the foot of Mount Vran between Lake Blidinje and Hrbin. It covers an area of 90 x 36 meters south of a [...]

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Grčka glavica in the village of Biskup, Konjic, FBiH

About Biskup is a village near Glavatičevo, about 30 km south-east of Konjic. The remains of a church and of the necropolis with tombstones are located on a small hillock known as Grčka glavica. The remains of the church, dating roughly from the 12th or 13th century, are in [...]

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Grebnice, Radmilovića Dubrava, Baljci, Bileća, RS

About The necropolis is in the village of Baljci at the Radmilovića Dubrava site, about 4 km to the northeast of Bileća. The Drežnica quarry is located approximately 2 km beeline  from the necropolis to the northeast, where  tombstones had been cut and carved. According to the data available [...]

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