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Radimlja, Stolac, FBiH

About The Radimlja necropolis is located in Vidovo polje, three kilometres west of Stolac, on the Čapljina – Stolac road. It is an area characterized by Mediterranean (maritime) climate. It is located in the area where the Radimlja River, a right tributary of the Bregava River, meanders. The monuments [...]

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Ravanjska vrata, Kupres, FBiH

About At the site of Ravanjska vrata, there is the Upper and the Lower necropolis (Gornja and Donja nekropola). The necropolises are located in the vicinity of the village of Mušići, about 15 km south of Kupres. The monuments at the Lower necropolis are finely carved and laid mostly [...]

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Dubravka/sv. Barbara, Konavle

About The necropolis is located near the village of Dubravka in Konavle in the vicinity of the borders of Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Apart from the graveyard with stećci, the site includes the church of sv. Barbara built in 1889 at the site of an older church. [...]

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Velika and Mala Crljivica, Cista Velika

About The necropolis Velika and Mala Crljivica is located in the village of Cista Velika along the main Trilj-Imotski road in a length of 200 meters. South of the so called Velika Crljivica, the eastern part of the site, lays a karst sinkhole with seven wells constructed in the Middle [...]

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Mramorje, Rastište, Bajina Bašta

About The necropolis is located 7 km west of the necropolis in Perućac (28) and 19 km from Bajina Bašta. The village Rastište can be reached through the canyon of the Derventa River which flows into the Perućsko jezero (lake) in the Drina River basin. Two necropolises with stećci, [...]

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Mramorje, Perućac, Bajina Bašta

About The necropolis is located on the Drina River high right bank in the area between the road and the river, at the entrance to the settlement Perućac from the direction of Bajina Bašta (12 km). There are 88 stećci at the necropolis. The tombstones are oriented west-east with [...]

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Grčko groblje, Hrta, Prijepolje

About The necropolis is located in the village of Hrta, 16 km southwest of Prijepolje, in a very mountainous region, in the direction of Gubica. The necropolis consists of Donje and Gornje groblje (Lower and Upper cemetery), 100 meters apart, with tombstones arranged on two mounds surrounded by a [...]

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