Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the competent entity ministries and institutes organized the first training of site managers for 20 necropolises with stećci inscribed on the World Heritage List, which are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The site managers were appointed by the municipalities where the necropolises with stećci are located, as part of the national coordination system for the management of this World Heritage property.

The aim of the training was to introduce the newly appointed site managers to their obligations in accordance with the Management Plan for the Stećci–Medieval Tombstones Graveyards.

The representatives of the entity institutes held presentations about the requirements for the protection of the World Heritage properties, which were followed by the discussion on the specific needs of each individual site and the necessity of establishing appropriate coordination and communication system as forseen by the Management Plan.

The training of site managers will continue through the series of training sessions.